The Next Generation of Loyalty Leaders take Oath

Posted on May 30, 2016 in Other, Youth Development by Batasan Hills Admin

“We put onto you these hats that symbolize our obedience to you as our leaders. May you continue to wear these hats of children every time you make rules and decisions regarding the welfare of the children so you may be able to understand us more and accept our shortcomings,” said with respect and conviction by Elijah Miguel “Kuya Jam” V. Misolas, president of the Loyalty Kidz, in his inaugural address on May 30, 2016 (Monday) during the regular flag ceremonies of barangay employees and volunteers at the Saret Covered Court.

As the 13-year old son of Barangay Secretary Edwin P. Misolas spoke, nine members of the organization, which goes by the tagline ‘the next generation of Loyalty leaders,’ took turns in capping the heads of:

Captain John “Jojo” M. Abad;

Kagawad Edgar “Junjun” S. Macario, Jr.;

Kgd. Ernesto “Ernie” S. Custodio;

Kgd. Roberto “Bobby” B. Miras; and,

the representatives of Kgd. Luisito “Tata” Z. Ludovica, Kgd. Jhorwin D. Santos, Kgd. Charlie O. Mangune and Kgd. Filomena “Luming” V. de Guzman, namely, Mrs. Soledad “Sol” Medriega, Alejandro “Pgurl” Cabello, Miss Charo Mangune and Mrs. Nelsa Astorga, respectively.

The Loyalty Kidz is a team of children, ages 14 years old and below, under the umbrella of Loyalty P.I.P.O.L. Watch, Incorporated. Loyalty P.I.P.O.L. Watch, Inc., also known as Kaisa Batasan (in union Batasan), is an association registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as an assembly of community leaders who perform social work and who solve community problems through collective involvement.

280 young Kaisa’s took oath in front of Capt. Abad and his council, with Kgd. Macario as inaugurating officer, in this morning. The members of the Loyalty Kidz pledged to be God-fearing, diligent in their studies, respectful to their parents and elders and generous to their fellows. They also committed their support and obedience to Capt. Abad and his council.

Among the plans that are up for immediate implementation as Loyalty Kidz’s projects are the distribution of school supplies to members and other indigent pupils, a milk feeding program, an art workshop, and among many others. The Loyalty Kidz has been, and will continue to be, visible and supportive to mass feeding programs and other undertakings of the Loyalty P.I.P.O.L. Watch, Inc. and the barangay council. Capt. Abad, therefore, expressed his undying assistance to the initiatives of the Loyalty Kidz.

This significant event finalized with the handing over of loot bags containing biscuits, chips and sweets to each youngster; altogether blowing of bubbles; and, a fun-filled photo shoot with the barangay council.

By the end of the flag ceremonies, all Kaisa’s shared two bog pots of chicken-and-hotdog macaroni soup to the attendees.


Written by Aphrodite

Photos taken by Bgy. Sec. Edwin Misolas,

               Susan Bobiles and Tess Nator