GMA 7 covers “Kamustahan sa Pagbabago”

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GMA 7 covers “Kamustahan sa Pagbabago” (1)Due to the indisputable recognition of the efforts of Batasan Hills’s Committee on Peace and Order in the drive to have a drug-free barangay, the Global Media Arts Network (GMA Network) covered the “Kamustahan sa Pagbabago” (staying in touch for change) on August 20, 2016 (Saturday) at 8:00 AM at the Saret Covered Court.

GMA Network is a major commercial broadcast television and radio network in the Philippines. Among its documentary news and public affairs TV shows is i-Witness which is aired on Saturday evenings. i-Witness host, Mr. Horacio “Howie” G. Severino spent the his whole morning documenting the event and interviewing Kagawad Roberto “Bobby” Miras, co-chairman of the Peace and Order Committee, as well as, a number of participants.

This particular “Kamustahan sa Pagbabago” was already third in the row. The wave of people who voluntarily surrendered for previous involvement in drug-related activities and who attended the get-together totaled to 58 – where 37 were found to be negatively influenced by prohibited drugs, 16 remained positively under the influence and five left before the one-step drug testing.

The program was filled with inspiring messages from:

Kgd. Miras;

Kgd. Luisito “Tata” Z. Ludovica;

Kgd. Edgar “Junjun” S. Macario, Jr.;

Kgd. Ernesto “Ernie” S. Custodio;

Miss Charo Mangune (Kgd. Charlie O. Mangune’s daughter and representative);


Mr. Wenky dela Rosa (Liga ng mga Purok Leaders’ president);


Captain Decena of the Quezon City Police District – Police Station 6 (QCPD-PS6);

Mr. Robert Basiles of the Philippine Army;

CguradoNACO’s Ericka Acana and Carla Bulaga;

Mr. Severino; and,

Barangay Secretary Edwin P. Misolas who also served as master of ceremonies.

The yielders energetically participated in a series of dance numbers and devoured a boodle fight lunch of rice, fried fish, ensaladang talong (eggplant salad) and chicken-and-pork adobo.

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Written by Aphrodite

Photos taken by Jocelyn Dalumpines